We make traveling with children easier. A sound sleep for the little ones, fun times during the day, and minimal household worries are the keys to parents' peace of mind on vacation!
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Samui Baby go is about ensuring peaceful vacations for parents and fun for children. We help you travel light while maintaining your usual level of comfort. We value convenience, especially during vacations where the main goal is to recharge, clear your head from problems, and enjoy a change of scenery and warm sea. Samui Baby go knows first-hand the common problems of family travel and offers a simple solution - a rental service for children's goods and toys. We have everything you need for children to sleep well at night and be happy throughout the day!
About company
In addition to safety, we curate our catalog with an emphasis on ergonomics, pleasant tactile experiences, and soft color combinations for the proper perception of the world by the littlest and most important individuals.
We believe that by adhering to these principles, we create conditions for our customers to enjoy their travels, be assured that they have all the necessary items, and ensure that their children feel comfortable in new surroundings.
We care deeply about the quality and eco-friendliness of materials, the cleanliness, and disinfection of all items before and after rental.
We place great importance on reliability and responsible business practices. Our company is officially registered in Thailand and provides contracts and receipts for our services.
At the core of our work are safety, comfort, and responsibility.
Our Principles
Busy Kids, Relaxed Parents
Vacationing with children can often be full of surprises. To ensure you don't need a "vacation after your vacation," we've added toys and entertainment for different ages to our catalog. Additionally, our blog will feature collections of places and useful services on the island.
Save Time
We take care of everyday hassles. Through remote booking and free delivery upon your arrival, our products will be waiting for you clean and assembled. Start your vacation from the very first minute!
Sustainable Consumption
Baby Go strives to adhere to the principles of sustainable consumption and the sharing economy - consuming fewer resources and using high-quality, durable goods. Renting instead of buying for a couple of uses allows you to maintain travel comfort and leave space in your luggage for delightful memories.
We Assist
Samui Baby Go takes a meticulous approach to cleanliness, ensuring that all items undergo a thorough 3-stage cleaning process:
Complete treatment of all surfaces with liquid disinfectant, including hard-to-reach areas.
Washing or Laundering and Steam Treatment
Items are washed or laundered using hypoallergenic baby antibacterial soap or hypoallergenic baby detergent and steam-treated at temperatures up to 130 degrees Celsius.
Mechanical Cleaning
Dust and dirt removal from hard-to-reach areas using brushes, toothpicks, and cotton swabs
Cleanliness guarantee
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